A very warm welcome to ‘@ 1 with the World’.

Before I explain the purpose behind this blog I need to make a very public declaration, I am a recovering know-it-all, but more on that later.

Being at one with the world for me, is about contentment, harmony, peace, happiness and the well-being of all, yes you did hear that right; ‘the well-being of all’.

It’s also about taking good care of our planet; a wonderful gift from God. I for one, want to do ‘my bit’ in ensuring that my grandchildren inhabit a planet at least as good as the one that I enjoyed and preferably better.

So what’s the catch or maybe some of you might be asking what’s in it for this guy, what’s he pedalling?, I can hear that charity tin rattling, what does he want from me?

The purpose of ‘At one with the world’ is to simply share some of the experiences and insights I have gained throughout my fifty five years on this earth to date. I try to offset my sometimes cynical tone with a more lighthearted and dare I say it, almost humorous approach 🙂

harmony world

My aim is to be universal by appealing to all regardless of background, age, race, colour, creed, occupation, political affiliation or tendencies, likes or dislikes.

Everything in the world is caused but we are sometimes blind to these causes and consequences even when, we ourselves often unknowingly, are the perpetrators.

By far the biggest and most crucial learning for me has involved gaining a greater and more in depth appreciation of how, the way I think, significantly governs my destiny in this world.

Finally, what I offer through ‘@ 1 with the world’ is simply my view, so I’m not, ‘telling it like it is’ but more ‘telling it how I see it’ after all, the former, ‘telling it like it is’ would mean that I’m God and I’m not.

The future is in our heads!